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Since 1978...American Business Systems has pursued two corporate goals: to consistently develop high quality, microcomputer-based accounting software products; and, to market those products to small and medium sized businesses seeking information systems to enable them to compete in their own markets.

Accounting solutions...introduced in 1980...comprised the first ABS product family...designed for businesses using then-current, state of the art, single-user microcomputers.

America's first UNIX-based accounting for micros...our Business Accounting Control System (BACStm) was introduced in 1982. Not only was BACS multi-user, it was also a fully integrated, modular solution consisting of A/R, A/P, P/R and G/L accounting, plus an order entry/inventory control module.

Certified twice by Big 6 accounting firms... the now-named ABS Accounting System was the first multi-user micro-based accounting product to successfully pass Big 6 certification standards--first in 1983 under contract with Digital Equipment Corporation, then again in 1984 under contract with .

Vertical market solutions...fully integrated with the ABS Accounting System...define our primary development and marketing focus as we prepare for the 21st century. Today, our flagship vertical market products are the ABS Wholesale Distribution System--used by numerous types of wholesale distributors throughout the world--and the ABS Point of Sale System, the solution of choice by retail firms operating multiple stores. Building ever more in-depth solutions...to satisfy our customers' demands in these verticals is a top priority.

Today...ABS accounting software products are sold internationally, and ABS applications are available in English and Spanish.

ABS software products run on most microcomputers...that operate under MS-DOS, Novell and LANtastic networks, Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, UNIX, including AT&T System V, IBM AIX, and SCO UNIX. Naturally, businesses using ABS software can easily and economically upgrade their ABS software when they change, for example, from a single-user to a networked computer, or from a network to a UNIX-based system.

Tomorrow's ABS...will continue to focus on its two corporate goals: the development of high-quality business software solutions, and to market those products to small and medium sized businesses seeking information systems to enable them to compete in their own markets.

ABS...America's Best Software...software your business can count on!

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