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Your cashiers and store managers can process sales and other transactions from a single data entry screen. They can use a variety of search keys and hot keys to find many types of information quickly...so customers won't have to wait in line.
    Your cashiers can...

    • suspend a sale, then recall it when the customer returns
    • process a sale by UPC code or by SKU
    • look up products by SKU, description and department
    • quickly correct line item data entry errors
    • add a new product on-the-fly
    • look up serial numbers
    • add a new serial number on-the-fly
    • substitute a similar item for another item
    • add a new customer on-the-fly
    • look up customers by ID, name and telephone number
    • change customer contact names and addresses
    • void a sale any time.

    POS Cashier Screen

    And your store managers can...

    • print a flash register summary any time
    • authorize price overrides (if cashiers cannot)
    • approve (or deny) checks from bad check customers
    • blind close a register as an added security measure.

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