Since 1978 ABS has been developing high performance software solutions for the business world.

Prior to the popularity of networks and the Windows operating system, ABS provided true multi-user business applications based on the Unix operating system. Users interacted with the system from a dumb-terminal connected to the Unix computer by a serial line.

This early multi-user enviroment has evolved to a network enabled one, with each user having a dedicated Windows-based PC interacting with a network server that houses all the company's data. That server may be running Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, or possibly Unix or Linux.

ABS applications are available for all of these operating systems.

If you have a network of Windows-based PCs and are looking for windows-based applications click here.

Our newest E-Commerce software solutions will work in any of these environments. For more information on our e-commerce offerings click here.
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