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The ABS Point of Sale System runs on virtually any PC-based computer operating under Windows, Linux, and UNIX. That means ABS can create a low cost solution for you by adding POS peripherals, such as a receipt printer, a cash drawer, a scanner, or a customer display to your PC.

In addition, ABS POS runs on a number of pre-configured PC based reigsters from the major retail hardware suppliers, including NCR and IBM. ABS POS is 100% IBM SureOne Compatible.

The ABS Point of Sale System is a powerful, comprehensive module designed to help the retailer process customer transactions and monitor product inventory levels in single or multiple stores. The ABS Point of Sale System processes sales, layaways, customer quotations and special deliveries, supports on-account and layaway payments, and analyzes daily traffic flow in each store.











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The ABS Point of Sale System can be used as a standalone module, or you can enhance it by adding an ABS P.E.P Pack with remote processing or Currency Conversion capabilities. And you can interface it with the ABS Accounts Receivable and General Ledger modules. No matter how you use it, the ABS Point of Sale System will help your company control costs by producing comprehensive transaction, inventory and sales analysis reports.

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