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ABS R/F Bar Code is a real-time solution which allows you to process inventory information, including warehouse transfers, receipts, physical counts and order releases, directly from an easy- to-use, hand-held R/F terminal.

When you use ABS R/F Bar Code, the information you enter instantly updates the inventory file in your ABS Wholesale Distribution, Purchase Order or Point of Sale module. That means when you enter data, such as an inventory count, from the R/F terminal, you won't need to spend additional time entering data again on your PC.

With ABS R/F Bar Code, you can perform the following functions directly from your hand-held terminal:

      • inventory counts
      • warehouse transfers
      • count sheets
      • customer orders
      • order releases
      • inventory receipts
      • new UPC records
      • bar code label printing
      • purchase order receipts
      • inventory inquiry
      • inventory posting
      • variance and posting reports


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