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  • Reduce time and expenses for counting inventory. Because your warehouse personnel will be scanning UPC bar codes and entering quantities directly on their hand-held terminals, they will complete inventory counts faster and with a higher degree of accuracy. And that can cut your operational costs!

  • Ensure consistent data entry, even from new workers. You establish default settings so that each R/F terminal displays the same prompts for completing a task. By doing this, each user—even your newest hire—must complete the same steps to process inventory information. This helps eliminate data entry procedural errors and produces consistent results from all operators.

  • Identify shortages on the spot. When you are receiving against a purchase order, you'll be able to spot discrepancies—shortages or overages—quickly...and before the items are moved into the warehouse. Your authorized operators can even print the Inventory Variance Report right from the R/F terminal to notify management about any differences between what you ordered and what your vendor delivered.

  • Go wireless! The beauty of radio frequency technology is that it is 100% wireless. That means your personnel can move freely throughout the warehouse to perform their inventory tasks, yet still be "connected" directly to your computer system...without the limitation of wires and cables. The only tool they need to complete their work is the R/F hand-held terminal.

  • Add an extra measure of security. The R/F terminal remains inoperable—even if powered on—until it receives and verifies the operator's user code. This code is based on the combination of a unique logon ID and a unique password which are set up in ABS Password Maintenance. Based on these permissions, you control both who can use the system, as well as the tasks each authorized user can perform.

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