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ABS Accounts Payable can help your company manage its payables and improve its cash flow. You can use it to:

  • Calculate and take vendor discounts. You enter the discount type and percentage for each vendor. The system automatically calculates and takes it each time you write A/P checks. Taking advantage of vendor discounts can improve cash flow.

  • Forecast cash requirements for any estimated payment date, and for any range of vendors. You can project cash requirements, eligible discounts and discount dates. And, you can selectively pay vouchers or place them on hold to better manage cash outflow.

  • Inquire into a vendor's record any time you want: to check current balance, discounts lost and taken, due date, average days to pay, contact names (with telephone and FAX numbers), defaults, open transactions and payments. On-screen access to this information can help you determine which vendors are best for your company to deal with.

  • Eliminate duplicate payments. When you enter an invoice, the system automatically checks the invoice number to verify that you haven't already entered it for payment.

  • Automatically process recurring vouchers - for expenses such as rent, equipment leases, insurance premiums. Paying recurring expenses on time, month after month, effectively eliminates late payment charges.

  • Display financial management reports any time you want including Aged Payables, Cash Requirements, Vendor History and Check Journal. Immediate access to timely financial data can directly affect your company's cash position.
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