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ABS Accounts Receivable helps your company in many ways.
  • You can use it to forecast cash receipts.

  • You can display or print the Anticipated Cash Receipts report on demand to forecast future cash receipts for any range of due dates, customers and by salesperson. And, your forecast can show full transaction and discount detail by customer, a summary total per customer, or a one-line grand total.

  • Control customer credit limits. You determine each customer's credit limit and the system checks it each time the customer orders. Monitoring credit limits can help reduce bad debts.

  • Print customer statements on demand. You bill your customers when you want by user-defined cycles. Timely, accurate billing can help improve cash flow.

  • Inquire into a customer's record any time to review credit information, average days to pay, payment and sales history, and more... so you can target customer accounts that need your immediate attention.

  • Double-check customer discounts. Once you set customer terms, the system automatically double-checks discounts offered or taken on every sale.

  • Calculate accurate finance charges for late-paying customers by up to four user-defined aging intervals. Collecting late charges on overdue accounts can increase your cash flow.

  • Display financial management reports any time you want including: Anticipated Cash Receipts, Aged Trial Balance, Credit History, Tax Journal and Commissions.
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