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  • Supports open items and balance forward customers.
  • Provides easy transaction entry for customer invoices, adjustments to customer accounts, payments, debit/credit memos, plus the option to distribute transactions to an unlimited number of General Ledger accounts.
  • Prints statements for any billing cycle that show descriptions, all transactions and running balance.
  • Maintains complete customer profiles, including average days to pay, credit and sales history, open transactions, payments and NSF checks.
  • Allows allocation of cash receipts by invoice, on account, through a specified date, or to record miscellaneous receipts, such as bank interest.
  • Lets you project anticipated cash receipts for any due date for budgeting and planning purposes.
  • Automatically allocates discounts allowed and applies credits.
  • Allows you to write-off uncollectable balances for any type of transaction, including finance charges.
  • Automatically calculates salesperson commissions.
  • Monitors your item cost per sale.
  • Lets you define customer discount types and rates, terms and percents, and credit limits.
  • Includes hot keys that let you add a customer on-the-fly, enter free-form notes, and drill-down to line-item invoice or payment detail within specific functions.
  • Allows you to specify finance charges and percentages, up to four aging periods, and multiple sales tax authorities per customer.
  • Allows you to change, delete, inquire, print and display all transaction and master file data.
  • Provides on-screen master file searches by customer name, ID, telephone number, ZIP Code and other criteria.
  • Includes the option to export transaction and customer data to spreadsheets and graphics packages
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