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  • Supports 10-character employee IDs, plus last-name-first or last-name-last reporting.
  • Allows you to store payroll data for multiple years.
  • Special Build Attendance feature automatically creates attendance entries each pay period.
  • Processes computer-generated checks, including laser-printed checks, for any of 6 payroll frequencies.
  • Supports withholding for employees who work in multiple states, localities, departments or labor unions.
  • Lets you create pay codes based on hours worked, units made (piece rate) and fixed amounts.
  • Automatically calculates income taxes, FICA, Medicare and user-defined withholding and deduction amounts.
  • Lets you process multiple checks per employee, per pay period, plus the option to create a separate check for each earnings category.
  • Includes user-selected attendance entry options for using starting/ending times, as well as military or regular time.
  • Calculates allocated tips based on gross receipts, reported tips and employee share.
  • Supports after-the-fact payroll checks, manual checks with system-calculated taxes, direct deposits and restricted (executive) payroll departments.
  • Lets you inquire about payroll history by current period, quarterly, this year or prior year, including check detail.
  • Hot key features let you add on-the-fly employee records, enter free-form notes, and drill down to display line-item pay, deduction and tax detail within specific functions.
  • Handles wages subject to garnishment, tips and retirement plans.
  • Maintains personal data for each employee, including salary and bonus history, and emergency notification information.
  • Provides on-screen master file searches by name, ID, Social Security Number and payroll department, plus help screens for virtually every field on the screen.
  • Includes the ABS Payroll Subscription Service for timely tax table updates for the first calendar year.
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