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All the information your management team needs to monitor payrolls and report earnings can be displayed and printed by a variety of sorting options. You can even create macros to print an entire series of reports automatically.

The ABS Payroll System generates the following types of forms and reports.

  • Employee Payroll Checks (plain paper or laser form)

  • W-2 Forms, including Magnetic Media (MMREF-1)

  • 941 Form, including a ready-to-sign PDF version

  • Employee Mailing Labels

  • Attendance Entry and Edit Lists

  • Manual Checks Entry Report

  • Check Register

  • Payroll Register

  • Employee Earnings Report

  • Employee Deductions Report

  • Union Report

  • Seniority/New Hire Report

  • Employee History Report

  • 401-k Contributions Report

  • Earnings and Deductions Analysis

  • Workers' Compensation Report

  • Vacation/Sick Time Analysis

  • General Ledger Account Distribution Report

  • Attendance History

  • Direct Deposit Report

  • Payroll Department Report

  • Gross Pay Analysis

  • Quarterly Earnings Report

  • State Monthly Earnings Report

  • State Quarterly Earnings Report

  • Excess FICA Tax (Form 8846)

  • Local Tax History Report

  • And, optionally, Quarterly State Earnings Reports for selected states (printed and/or magnetic media).

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