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The ABS Wholesale Distribution System can help your company improve its profitability by controlling inventory levels and processing customer orders more efficiently. You can use it to...

  • Manage inventory more cost effectively...by knowing what's in stock, on order, backordered, reserved, over-stocked and understocked...any time you want. Good inventory information can reduce stock-outs, back-orders and help you maintain the proper product mix for your customers.

  • Improve customer service levels. Since you have on-screen access to important information, like order status, inventory levels and account balances, it's easy for your employees to process orders and provide answers to customer inquiries...quickly and accurately. And that makes customers happy!

  • Analyze order and inventory performance...to identify your best customers, your best-selling products, your best salespersons...and those that aren't. And the longer you use the ABS Wholesale Distribution System, the more valuable this information becomes.

  • Avoid shutdowns for physical counts. By using the physical inventory features in the Wholesale Distribution module, you can run perpetual counts of small portions of your inventory each month...without closing down.

  • Display management reports any time you want... including Product History, Gross Margin, Inventory Shortage, Commission Analysis and Price Exception. Immediate access to timely order, inventory and sales information can directly affect your company's cash position.

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