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  • Automatically maintains product inventory in multiple warehouse and store locations per company.
  • Supports 8 order types: standard order, blanket order, quote, transfer, factory direct, credit memo, customer payment and RMAs.
  • Tracks serialized and lot numbered inventory from product receipt through invoicing.
  • Includes speed-entry features to add a new customer or serial number on-the-fly, print picking tickets and ship-to labels immediately after you enter an order, and eliminate decimal entry.
    Allows fractional quantities so that products can be purchased and split into smaller lots for sale.
  • Allows products to be substituted in a customer order whenever the original product is less than the quantity needed.
  • Prints order quotations for customers and holds the quotes...without affecting inventory...for later activation.
  • Supports 18-character product numbers with 40-character descriptions, plus multiple UPC codes per product.
  • Automatically calculates salesperson commissions for customer orders.
  • Supports five (5) levels of pricing for each product, as well as unit of measure pricing.
  • Allows a variety of discount options...by quantity, dollar amount, customer, product, department, ware-house, vendor and user-defined date range.
  • Maintains six (6) levels of quantity and cost for LIFO/ FIFO product costing.
  • Lets you re-price any range of products by price, dis-count percent or a multiplier...quickly and accurately.
  • Allows you to change, delete, inquire, print and display all transaction data.
  • Provides on screen master file searches by ID, name, department and telephone number, plus quick inquiry to stock, customer, P/O and U.P.S. price information.
  • Displays all reports directly on the screen.
  • Permits you to store transaction data until you decide to purge it.

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