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With the ABS Wholesale Distribution System, you can print reports or display them on the screen on demand. You can also sort reports by order, product, customer, warehouse, salesperson, date and other criteria.
  • Invoices and Picking Tickets
  • Order Quotations
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Price Lists and Catalogs
  • Order Status Reports (13), including Backorders, RMAs, Order History and Payments
  • Stock Status Reports (15) including Reorder Advice, Gross Margin, Usage Dating, Quantity Below Minimum and Inventory Movement
  • Analysis Reports (9) including Sales Analysis by Customer, Salesperson, State, Ranked Customer, Product, Commissions and Department
  • Inventory List (with serial and lot numbers)
  • Master File Lists, including Inventory, Products, Warehouses, Measures, Customers, Vendors, Salespersons, Sales Tax/Finance Charges, Departments, Accounts, UPC Codes and Freight Carriers
  • and Trace Reports for your audit trail.

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