This job provides the opportunity to interact at all levels with users of the company's products. This position requires knowledge of PC based accounting systems and a desire to support web-enabled solutions. A willingness to train users is important.

The person we're looking for will:

  • Repsond to inbound support calls from both ABS resellers and users.
  • Track all support efforts using an automated system to log problems and their resolution.
  • Be willing to learn new technologies as they are introduced, such as Internet based applications.
  • Be willing to travel to customer sites if required. Travel will be limited to no more than one week per month.
  • Be able to effectively demonstrate or explain our product offerings.

Positions are available at either our corporate headquarters located in the northwest suburbs of Boston or in our Jacksonville, Florida office. Telecommuting from your own location is also possible.

This is a hands-on position. In this job you will rely heavily on automated accounting and support tracking systems, along with PC based word processing and spreadsheet applications. E-mail and Internet familiarity are desirable. Knowledge of TCP/IP networks is a plus in this position, along with familiarity with operating systems such as Windows NT or Unix/Linux. The most important requirements are good organizational skills and a desire to learn.

Your compensation will be commensurate with your experience and demonstrated abilities.

If a large company environment is too confining for you, and you are seeking a long-term position, apply for this job.

To submit a resume, including your salary history, please contact our Human Resources department by mail at:
        315 Littleton Road
        Chelmsford, MA 01824.

If you desire, you may fax your resume to 978-250-8027, or
E-mail it to us at:

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